Few fitness activities can instantly transport you to a place reminiscent of care-free childhood days. Hoopnotica hoopdancing provides an incomparable total body workout while you have fun and hoop away the stress of your day.

Featured in over 400 media outlets including TIME Magazine, Good Morning America, Vogue Magazine, Fitness Magazine, The Today Show, CBS NY, PIX 11, Fox News, MTV, VH1, Time Out New York, E! News, and Telemundo NY, Hoopnotica has been sweeping the globe and has developed a huge following all over the country. As soon as you try it, you will be hooked too!

Hoopdancing is perfect for those interested in adding something new and exciting to their current exercise routine, as well as anyone who is looking for an activity that will help keep them motivated to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Not a big fan of exercising? Hoopdance is for you!!!

What are the benefits of hoopdance?

  • Builds core strength & tones the entire body
  • Burns approximately 400-600 calories per hour
  • Provides an intense cardiovascular workout with no or low impact
  • Increases energy, reduces stress and elevates mood
  • Develops balance and coordination
  • Increases flexibility and improves posture

Until you give it a spin, you’d never believe what an effective total body workout hoopdance provides. But the best part of all is how much fun you’ll have while burning calories, trimming your waistline, and toning your muscles! When was the last time you truly enjoyed exercising?

Hoopdance provides pregnant women and moms an opportunity to get a great cardio workout while strengthening and toning their entire body.

Because the workout is easily modified for each participant, hoopdance is safe and effective for everyone.  

Because hoopdance requires no jumping, it is ideal for those with bone, joint, and back problems.

Pregnant women and older women can greatly benefit from the core strengthening workout hoopdance provides, as well as the safe cardio and total-body-strengthening workout it offers.

Even those who have never been able to keep a hula hoop up, and claim they can’t dance to save their life, will be hooping and grooving in no time!

Get ready to have some fun! As soon as you try it, you will be hooked too!

Ready to get started? We offer the following Hoopdance programs:

Fitnotic’s hoopdance classes enable participants to make their workout as gentle or challenging as each student desires.

Group Classes

Drop-In Classes provide a fantastic workout for hoopers of all levels, including those who have never picked up a hula hoop before. Each class will vary and may include hooping on the waist, hips, thighs, chest, neck and shoulders, as well as hooping off the body and practicing various tricks.

Private Classes

Private sessions in NYC and instruction via Skype are ideal for both beginners and more advanced hoopers who want personalized instruction at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Depending on your hooping experience and goals, we will make the best use of our time together to make sure you learn or perfect the skills most important to you, or just get you feeling comfortable with the hoop so you can start playing, having fun, and simultaneously giving yourself a killer workout!

Private Events

Fitnotic hoopdancers are available for private events such as corporate picnics, birthday parties (children and adults), and performances.

Do it yourself

If you haveIf you have a hoop handy and would like a little help getting started, check out the short tutorial below from PIX 11. Need a hoop? Purchase a Hoopnotica hoop (the best on the market!) through this link, and you’ll save 15%!

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