Total Body Moms Program

It’s time to get stronger, leaner, and more comfortable in your own skin than you ever thought was possible at this point in your life. This Program is for anyone who has completed either of the Fitnotic Core Programs or has otherwise mastered the application of deep core engagement techniques. 

40 Exercises

Grouped into 5 Workouts


Phone / Tablet / Desktop


Lifetime Access

Learn everything necessary to:

Prevent injuries as you intensify workouts 

Tighten and tone your whole body

Enhance your core and pelvic floor strength 

Continue improving diastasis recti

Remain healthy and strong as you get older


Once you are able to keep your core properly engaged during every-day movements and the exercises in Fitnotic’s Core Programs, it is time to advance to workouts that focus on the entire body.

Fitnotic’s Total Body Program integrates upper and lower body exercises while continuing to challenge you to build your core and pelvic floor strength even more.  You will sculpt a tighter, leaner, and stronger body that will not only have you looking and feeling better, but your increased strength will help prevent injuries as you get older (and your children get heavier).  

Your strength, endurance and energy will all improve, making you feel more confident and capable to safely engage in as intense a workout as you desire. 

Before jumping into your workouts, 6 introductory videos will give you the foundation you need to get the most out of your program. You will learn essential techniques, including how to properly engage your core and pelvic floor, and how to perform “belly breathing.” I provide a thorough discussion of the modifications you must make to everyday movements and activities in order to prevent further core weakening and the exacerbation of any abdominal separation. This is some of the most valuable information you will take away from this program, and ideally it will become a lifestyle change. 

You will receive 5 workouts targeting your core, each containing 6 different exercises. Each workout is designed in a particular way to progressively challenge you, while making sure you’re safe at all times. The workouts are also put together in a manner that ensures you are working in various positions. Strengthening the core in as many positions as possible is imperative for optimal functional strength.

Your core program contains a total of 30 exercises. You will be able to click on each exercise to open up a video of me demonstrating the exercise. I carefully explain each step of the exercise, how to ensure you are performing the exercise most effectively, safely, and with perfect form.

In addition to a video demonstrating each exercise, you will have the option of downloading a detailed bullet-point description in PDF form of each exercise. In the event that you want a quick reminder of how to do a particular exercise without watching the video, you will be able to read through the exercise instructions and make sure that you are performing each exercise effectively and safely. 

I will provide you with access to a private Facebook Group comprised solely of moms participating in the beta core program. You can share thoughts and ask questions, and I will quickly respond to all questions and concerns. I will also provide tips and offer suggestions to make your program work best for you. This will be a great resource for exchanging information, providing feedback, and learning from one another. 

Unlike the core program that is released to the general public, the beta program is being offered to no more than 25 moms. Because of the extremely limited number of moms who will be participating in the program, I will be able to offer a great deal of personal support. I want to be as involved as possible in your program. I will answer any and all questions that you have, and if that requires a phone call or Skype call, we will do it!

Let me help you succeed

Sheryl Wilson, mom of two and Founder of Fitnotic, specializes in prenatal and postpartum fitness with an expertise in core strengthening and diastasis recti.  Her Core Conditioning & Diastasis Recti Program ensures that women strengthen their core from the inside out, helping to keep them healthy, strong, injury-free, and best equipped to handle the physical demands of pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and the aging process.

I am incredibly passionate about what I do because I don’t want to see women suffer like I did. I want to make as many women as possible the healthiest, strongest, and most confident they have ever been. 

I look forward to sharing your journey through pregnancy and motherhood, and helping you stay fit and healthy through the most important time in your life.

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Prenatal Core Program

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, and you want to exercise safely and maintain an active lifestyle, this Prenatal Core Program is for you.

30 Exercises

Grouped into 5 Workouts


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Lifetime Access