I understand the challenges you face when trying to incorporate a fitness regimen into days that are jam-packed with other obligations.

The workouts you'll do with Fitnotic are easy to fit into the busiest woman's schedule, and are so varied and enjoyable that making them a part of every-day life will happen naturally.

What I teach is a lifestyle change. Exercise fads don't work for the same reason diets don't work. They are not maintainable long-term.

My method enables my clients to learn and understand crucial exercise techniques, and successfully incorporate them into their day-to-day lives. A body isn't transformed in just an hour once or twice a week with a trainer. A body is transformed when a woman develops a love for physical activity and an understanding of how her body works most effectively, and then consistently applies what she has learned each day.

Although I enjoyed exercise from a very young age, as soon as I returned to work 8 weeks postpartum, staying fit and strong lost its place as one of my top priorities. After a very difficult 5-year period plagued with some serious injuries, a pelvic fracture and hernia surgery, I emerged stronger, more knowledgeable, and more committed to a healthy lifestyle, than ever.

I am incredibly passionate about what I do because I don't want to see women make the same mistakes I made. I do what I do because I want to make as many women as possible the healthiest, strongest, and most confident they have ever been. You deserve that. So let's go.



Staying fit and healthy while pregnant and as a mom are two of the most important things you can do for yourself and for your family. As hard as it is to find the time, Fitnotic makes it possible for even the busiest mom to incorporate fun and effective workouts into her day.


Learning how to effectively strengthen your core from the inside out is imperative for moms and moms-to-be, as well as anyone with back or postural problems, and those looking to stay healthy and strong as they age.


Until you give it a spin, you’d never believe what an effective total body workout hoopdance provides. But the best part of all is how much fun you’ll have while burning calories, trimming your waistline, and toning your muscles! When was the last time you truly enjoyed exercising?


Sarah K.

Working with Sheryl over Skype has been a fantastic way of getting my strength back after having my son. The workouts are fast-paced and challenging, and I feel like we accomplish so much in each 30 minute session together. She thinks of creative ways to incorporate my son into the workout, and he gets a…

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Jessica N.

Working with Sheryl has been a game changer! She is a pleasure to be around and to learn from. I am stronger and more aware of my body than ever. The foundation for our work together has helped me integrate simple practices into my everyday life that make my body stronger and safer from injury.…

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Michelle M.

I am SO grateful to have met Sheryl over Skype two months ago! Sheryl and I have never actually met in person; she trains me over Skype. I can’t even begin to share how much stronger and more confident I feel since having started training with her. I have struggled with my core since having…

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Shara M.

No matter that I had trained my entire life, I knew pregnancy required unique understanding. I am so lucky that my search led me to Sheryl. She completely adjusted not only the way I was working out, but also my awareness of everyday movements that could affect diastasis. I am confident her guidance impacted my…

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Erin B.

I started training with Sheryl at the beginning of my second trimester.  It was important to me to stay as active as possible during my pregnancy and luckily stumbled upon Sheryl’s website.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and our workouts were always varied and super fun.  I looked forward to the sessions each week, as she…

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Jill R.

At my six-week postpartum checkup, my midwife assessed my abdominal muscles and told me what I had feared. Diastasis Recti! I soon sought help in repairing my split abdominal muscles and quickly discovered Sheryl. I was able to bring my newborn to our first meeting and he happily played on a blanket while Sheryl helped me rediscover…

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Bonnie F.

I met Sheryl Wilson while recovering from a neck injury. I observed the careful yet challenging way in which she trained a client.  Sheryl took the time to talk to me about my fitness goals. As an older person, I was interested in working with a trainer who understood how to increase core strength and…

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Emily E.

If you are looking for a caring trainer who pushes you (in a good way) and who honestly cares about your body and work-outs, you have come to the right person!  Sheryl is the best of the best.  I have grown up with trainers all my life, starting in high school, and I have never…

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Jenn H.

I wish I had found Sheryl earlier- while I was still pregnant.  She has helped my diastasis immensely and is incredibly patient and attentive.  I do not believe there is another person more qualified in pre and post natal training (especially with moms left with diastasis or hernias that they may not even be aware…

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Dear Sheryl, It has been mentally and physically rewarding working with you this past year. I have finally after 55 years of working out with various people – in various countries – in various gyms gotten the idea of using my core muscles. What a surprise I had when I signed up for hooping lessons…

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Becca K

I discovered Sheryl at the end of my first trimester and truly feel that she has been a partner in keeping me fit, healthy and sane during my pregnancy!  She is incredibly knowledgeable about fitness overall and especially pre-natal fitness and I trust her 100%.  I’m now 7 months pregnant and feel like I’ve maintained…

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Elizabeth K

I started looking for a trainer at the midpoint of my pregnancy because I was nervous working out alone since I didn’t want to do anything that could injure me or my baby. I was so happy to find Sheryl! She really helped me to work out safely and stay in great shape through my pregnancy. I always…

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Jessica R

I am feeling strength in my core for the first time since before my first pregnancy more than 3 years ago (Rachel will be 3 in September)!  So thank you!

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Gina M

I am a dance teacher and love to exercise. Therefore I was surprised after having two children that I had a diastasis recti and an umbilical hernia. I was given the go ahead by my doctor after both of my children to exercise as I normally would so I was not concerned. This included many…

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Kim T

I started hooping with Sheryl during the summer. I joined the class because hooping is a really fun fitness activity and I love that it also incorporates dance. Hooping feels more like playing than exercise so its a great alternative to the boredom of the gym. Also, while the weather was warm, Sheryl had the…

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Eliza B

I first started seeing Sheryl after having twins and walking away with a very large diastasis. I meet with her in person every now and then, and also do her online training program. I tried a few other programs and exercises to improve my core strength but nothing has compared to Sheryl’s approach. She made…

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Sarah V

Sheryl’s kickboxing/boot camp class is great! I really enjoy the mix of kickboxing moves and bootamp with resistance bands, burpees, push-ups, etc… a variety of fun routines working your core and full body that definitely gives me an awesome workout while having fun! Sheryl motivates you and pushes you to your potential, but always mindful…

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Rachel B

I started working with Sheryl when I was pregnant. I have worked out my whole life, but when I was pregnant I felt like I didn’t know how to work out effectively and safely. Sheryl was amazing! She is extremely knowledgable and knew how to push me just hard enough to keep me in shape,…

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Rachel M

I found Sheryl in my 6th month of pregnancy. I have been working out with her ever since, both in person and through her online program. Despite just having had a baby, I’ve never felt stronger. I attribute my easy labor and post-baby bounce-back and strength to Sheryl’s workouts and guidance. Sheryl can relate to…

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Jessica Y

I have a diastasis recti from my pregnancy with my daughter. At first, I told myself that it was just extra weight from the pregnancy; however, at my follow-up appointments, it became clear that I had lost all the weight from my pregnancy (and then some!). I couldn’t figure out why I still looked like…

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Louise S

Two years postpartum and still having the pregnancy look to my belly I took matters into my own hands and participated in Sheryl Wilson’s “belly challenge” through her fitmomease website. Sheryl provided the group of participants with different exercises throughout the course of the 12 weeks. Upon completion of the program my belly definitely looked…

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Beth R

Sheryl completely understands the busy schedule of a working mom and manages to fit in a total body workout in an hour. She is expert in targeting all the post-partum areas that need tightening. She is also a pleasure to work with!

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Kim S

Fitnotic is amazing. I started with hoop classes which is an excellent exercise in itself. While being taught to hoop by Sheryl I felt the knowledge and experience she had and I was comfortable hiring her as a personal trainer. It was the best move ever. About a month later from personal training I found…

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Katie D

I LOVE FITNOTIC! Sheryl is a fantastic trainer – not only is she patient, motivating, and focused on my goals, but she keeps each workout fun and interesting with everything from boxing to hooping. I started working out with Sheryl and Fitnotic a few months after my son was born and in just 5 weeks…

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Louisa S

Fitnotic is fun and highly effective. Personal trainer Sheryl is a dynamo, who energizes and motivates, not just through her outstanding and varied physical training, and pioneering techniques, but also her upbeat personality. You come out of the sessions feeling not only trimmer, but also glad to alive and ready to take on the world.…

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Emily P

Fitnotic is awesome! I’ve been training with Sheryl twice a week and have seen major improvements in muscle tone and endurance. She challenges me without making me miserable and she’s very attentive when it comes to proper form. She’s really helped me get in shape before I have my baby later this year. Sheryl is…

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Shauna G.

I have been working out with Sheryl since my 7th month of pregnancy and now have a beautiful 3-month old baby boy. Sheryl is extremely knowledgeable and makes working out fun. She modified my workouts to make sure I was comfortable and safe during my pregnancy and gradually increased the intensity after my baby was…

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Robin K

I began taking prenatal yoga and kickboxing classes through Fitnotic when I was about 5 months pregnant, and it was the best decision I made during my whole pregnancy. Not only did I meet a group of great, like-minded women with whom I remain close friends, but I had a very easy labor and delivery,…

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Suma S.

I asked Sheryl to help me with my terrible neck and back pain due to spending long hours in front of a computer. I’ve now been working out once a week with Sheryl for the past 5 months and have seen incredible results in that time. Not only is my back pain completely gone thanks…

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Natalie M

Fitnotic has helped me make fitness a priority in my life! From hooping classes in the park, to training with Sheryl, Fitnotic provides so many great options for staying active and healthy. Sheryl has helped me stay committed and motivated to run and cross-train, and thanks to her, I will be ready to accomplish my…

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Hi Sheryl, Your class was wonderful last night. You really covered so much and were inspirational. You created ease within the group, always reminding everyone to go at their own pace and not become frustrated. You are an excellent teacher and I appreciated the opportunity to take part in fitness and fun. I actually feel…

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Jennifer R

Going to Sheryl’s classes and activities was the best thing I did during and after my pregnancy. I love Fitnotic classes for many reasons! 1) I felt comfortable with the other ladies who were going through the same thing, and it was so great to have a network of pregnant friends, 2) I was able…

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Gail G

Sheryl is the quintessential fitness instructor. I have been taking her hoopdancing classes this summer; and she has converted me into a hula hoop addict! I absolutely love it. It always brings an immediate smile to my face as well as to all who see us hooping! Sheryl has the patience of a saint, and…

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Ida M

TO FELLOW BABY-BOOMERS! The best birthday party of my life! I was lucky enough to have a small group of close firends who were up for a good time, a great workout and a hint of younger days. Sheryl Wilson’s Hoola-Hoop class landed on my doorstep. She’s amazingly easy to work with, inspiring, fun-loving, and…

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Amber B

I was a strong supporter of fitness during my pregnancy so it only seemed logical that I start working out right after my baby boy was born. I began taking Fitnotic’s post pregnancy classes such as Baby Boot Camp and Belly Dancing soon after I delivered in March. The instructor, Sheryl, is extremely knowledgeable, kind,…

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Caren J

I have been looking for some ways to exercise when I get to the gym or when I’m traveling out of town. Hula Hooping turned out to be a fun way to trim my waistline, stomach and increase my cardio. I found the fellow students to be equally as friendly and warm. My hoop dancing…

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Erika E

Sheryl is such a fantastic teacher! she’s energetic, encouraging, and very professional. this woman knows how to break moves down so they are easy to understand and execute, and she absolutely knows what it takes to put together a tough workout! her classes are fun-filled and at the same time make you work up an…

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Hayley V

Before meeting Sheryl, I had never heard of Diastasis Recti. Thanks to her instruction and guidance, I will likely have a much lower risk of “mummy tummy” after giving birth to my child.

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Sonia P

Sheryl’s class will whip you into shape – and improve the flow of your hooping skills. She keeps it going so you are constantly challenged. It’s like an aerobics class – for those that want to get into shape but hate working out. Hooping is a great work out – you focus on skills and…

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Elizabeth R

The boot camp classes taught by Sheryl are wonderful! She caters to each client’s level. I went to this class throughout my pregnancy and got a great workout every time! It helped me to stay in great shape and prepare me for labor. As an added bonus I met several other moms and moms to…

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