One of the first things I did when I found out I was pregnant was look into prenatal fitness options in NYC. Disappointed (and quite surprised) that I could find little other than prenatal yoga and prenatal pilates, the idea for Fitnotic was born. My background was in kickboxing, boxing, belly dance, and boot camps, and I believed that the same activities could be continued throughout pregnancy and motherhood, as long as they were appropriately modified.

The workouts and exercise programs Fitnotic offers always have been, and always will be, something different. Being pregnant and a mom are hard enough – working out shouldn’t feel like something that has to get checked off of a to-do list. There are enough options for safe and effective workouts, that exercise for pregnant women and moms should be fun and exciting. Whether you work with me remotely or in person, I’d love to share your journey through pregnancy and motherhood with you, and help you enjoy staying fit and healthy through this most important time in your life.



The importance of strong core muscles cannot be overstated. Given the major impact diastasis recti can have on pregnant women and moms of all ages (as well as non-moms), it is astounding how little the condition is discussed in the health and wellness community. I, like many women, had never heard of diastasis recti until I was far along in my pregnancy. One day, while leaning back onto the treatment table at a routine prenatal appointment, I pointed out to my doctor what I had started noticing – a bulge running vertically down the center of my stomach every time I leaned back and sat straight up. Although he told me it was normal and the gap would “heal on its own after the baby was born,” it just didn’t sit right with me. After doing some research, I learned that was far from the truth. It was at that moment that I set out to learn everything I possibly could about diastasis recti and proper core strengthening.
I spent years meeting with, and learning from, experts in the medical and fitness fields, and after having my second child, worked closely with a top physical therapist to experiment on myself and figure out exactly what to do and what not to do in order to improve the condition and prevent it in the first place. As hard as it was on me personally, I believe everything happens for a reason. I am now determined to share everything I have learned with as many women as possible.


Few fitness activities can instantly transport you to a place reminiscent of care-free childhood days. Hoopnotica hoopdancing provides an incomparable total body workout while you have fun and hoop away the stress of your day. Not a big fan of exercising? Hoopdance is for you!!! Hoopdancing is perfect for those interested in adding something new and exciting to their current exercise routine, as well as anyone who is looking for an activity that will help keep them motivated to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Even those who have never been able to keep a hula hoop up, and claim they can’t dance to save their life, will be hooping and grooving in no time!
Fitnotic’s hoopdance classes enable participants to make their workout as gentle or challenging as each student desires. Because hoopdance requires no jumping, it is ideal for those with bone, joint, and back problems. Pregnant women and older women can greatly benefit from the core strengthening workout hoopdance provides, as well as the safe cardio and total-body-strengthening workout it offers. Get ready to have some fun!