Total Body Program

Program Overview

It’s time to get stronger, leaner, and more comfortable in your own skin than you ever thought was possible at this point in your life. 

You will learn everything necessary to: 

  • Tighten and tone your whole body
  • Enhance your core and pelvic floor strength 
  • Continue improving diastasis recti
  • Prevent injuries as you intensify workouts 
  • Remain healthy and strong as you get older

Once you are able to keep your core properly engaged during every-day movements and the exercises in Fitnotic’s Core Programs, it is time to advance to workouts that focus on the entire body.

Fitnotic’s Total Body Program integrates upper and lower body exercises while continuing to challenge you to build your core and pelvic floor strength even more.  You will sculpt a tighter, leaner, and stronger body that will not only have you looking and feeling better, but your increased strength will help prevent injuries as you get older (and your children get heavier).  

Your strength, endurance and energy will all improve, making you feel more confident and capable to safely engage in as intense a workout as you desire. 

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