Copy of Introduction to Applying the Fitnotic Method

The Fitnotic Method extends far beyond your workouts and will influence the way you perform countless daily activities.  The following 6 videos will provide you with the information you need to successfully incorporate the Fitnotic Method into your life.  Here is a summary of some of the most important points:


  1. Proper Core Engagement:  1) Draw your upper, middle and lower abs up and in towards your spine; and 2) Wrap your torso to cinch your waist, mimicking what it would feel like for an internal belt or corset to shrink your waist.  You must be able to breathe normally – don’t hold your breath (counting out loud SLOWLY will help), and avoid tensing/raising your shoulders.  If you can’t, you’re drawing in too far for now.
  2. Core should always be engaged at least minimally when you’re moving:  Engage core moderately around a Level 2 for gentle movements like walking or reaching for a cup of water, and engage stronger to a Level 3 for more strenuous movements.  Core may be relaxed completely to a Level 1 when not moving significantly (laying in bed, watching TV, reading a book, sitting at a computer and typing, etc.).
  3. Pay extra attention to engaging core before and while:  Coughing; sneezing; laughing; pushing/squeezing to use the bathroom; opening or closing windows; lifting or carrying kids, pets or any heavy objects; pushing a stroller up an incline; pushing/pulling open heavy doors; anytime you’re in hands & knees or a plank-type position; bending or leaning over; reaching or twisting; moving while laying on your back; pulling up leggings or tights, etc.
  4. When laying down or getting up from a back-laying position:  Engage your core, go to your side, and let your arms help do the work.
  5. Engage core and squeeze your glutes when you climb stairs and stand up from sitting on a chair, couch, etc.