Customized Total Body Workout for Chloe

The first 4 videos in this Program are foundational videos. Please watch each of them at least ONCE before getting started. These 4 videos are going to help ensure you’re properly using your core to get the most effective and safe workouts, as well as remind you how to safely execute movements like squats and lunges. There will be references in these first 4 videos to a “Total Body Moms Program” – just ignore that. Also, anytime I mention something like picking up kids, I want you to think about picking up your backpack. Everything I say equally applies to your life.

After the first 4 videos, your exercise program begins. The first 3 exercises are intended to get your muscles activated and warmed up. The first two are variations of Glute Bridges and Supermans. I don’t expect you to get through ALL the exercises each time you workout. However, at the start of EVERY workout, I would like you to do at least some Glute Bridges and Supermans. Then you’re free to pick and choose and do whichever exercises you’d like on any given day.

As you’ll see, I talk a lot, making sure you get all the information you need to do each exercise safely. Obviously feel free to fast forward to skip me talking in the beginning of each exercise if/when you feel you don’t need to hear it.

Please text me ANYTIME when you have questions, and text me as often as possible with updates! I’d love to hear from you, and also welcome any and all feedback.