Michelle M.

I am SO grateful to have met Sheryl over Skype two months ago! Sheryl and I have never actually met in person; she trains me over Skype. I can’t even begin to share how much stronger and more confident I feel since having started training with her. I have struggled with my core since having my little girl two years go. I had NO idea that all of the crunches and planks I was doing were actually doing more harm than good!! Sheryl started our first session by teaching me about my core and small ways to target specific muscles. Every session since our first meeting, Sheryl has provided me with exercises that have slowly strengthened my core. Sheryl is extremely knowledgeable, is efficient with our time together, and is so enjoyable to work with! She keeps me motivated, challenged, and is aware of the time constraints I have when she creates my training plan in between sessions.

As far as meeting over Skype, I think it’s fantastic! Like so many moms, my days are packed with my kids, husband, work, commute, sports, friends, and life! Being able to simply turn on my computer and have a work-out session with Sheryl is so time efficient! Sheryl teaches me the specific core exercises for the week, she watches me do them and provides pointers, and then I go about my day with my weekly plan ready to go.

I HIGHLY recommend Sheryl! She is helping me regain my pre-baby core strength in a safe and effective way. I am beyond grateful for having the chance to train with her. Thank you, Sheryl!!