Louise S

Two years postpartum and still having the pregnancy look to my belly I took matters into my own hands and participated in Sheryl Wilson’s “belly challenge” through her fitmomease website. Sheryl provided the group of participants with different exercises throughout the course of the 12 weeks. Upon completion of the program my belly definitely looked and felt much better and less pregnant and I can honestly say my core was much stronger. Sheryl offered me some personal sessions with her “one on one” in her gym. She listened to how I felt and gave me a whole regime of exercises that would help me even further in the quest to regain my pre-pregnancy belly. I have been utilizing the exercises she gave me into my own workout routine and I feel so much better and stronger. Just this very week I was looking in the mirror and my belly caught my eye and I thought “wow not bad” Sheryl, thank you so much for all your help, patience and time. You are truly amazing and caring person.