Kim T

I started hooping with Sheryl during the summer. I joined the class because hooping is a really fun fitness activity and I love that it also incorporates dance. Hooping feels more like playing than exercise so its a great alternative to the boredom of the gym. Also, while the weather was warm, Sheryl had the class outside which was really beautiful since here in NYC, it seems like we don’t have the opportunity to be outside just for fun all that much. I bought my own travel hoop so I could practice and carry it easily on the subways. Once I learned the corkscrew up and down and could get the hoop on and off my body, it opened up a world of possibilities for fun and to add more dance elements to the hooping. I brought my hoop on vacation to Antigua and hooped by the beach. It was really fun and I received a lot of compliments!!! I really have a lot of fun hooping and would recommend this class to anyone who wants to get in a great workout. You won’t be bored and you will love the benefits to your body!