Gina M

I am a dance teacher and love to exercise. Therefore I was surprised after having two children that I had a diastasis recti and an umbilical hernia. I was given the go ahead by my doctor after both of my children to exercise as I normally would so I was not concerned. This included many exercises that I now know I should not have done and probably made my condition worse. Having never heard of diastasis recti I thought my muscles would just heal on their own with good habits. However they did not so I started to research the topic quite a bit. I felt like the more I researched the more confused I became. There was so much conflicting advice out there. When I finally came across Sheryl’s website I felt like I could trust her. This is probably because she has been there herself and all of her information made sense. Since I live in MN I meet with her over Skype and she created a 6 week program for me. After the 6 weeks I definitely have noticeable changes in my body. I feel stronger, am able to move from my center more efficiently and I have the tools to continue to move forward. It is a great program!