Eliza B

I first started seeing Sheryl after having twins and walking away with a very large diastasis. I meet with her in person every now and then, and also do her online training program. I tried a few other programs and exercises to improve my core strength but nothing has compared to Sheryl’s approach. She made me truly understand what had happened to my abdominal muscles and how best to strengthen and use them – both during exercise and throughout the day. Sheryl takes personalization to the extreme. Her focused and thorough approach for each individual is astounding. The time, effort and energy she puts into each person – and his or her body – reflects her devotion to her clients and their progress. I never feel like I’m getting a “standard” work-out, I always get one that is tailored specifically to my body and my goals. She is always following up to inquire about certain exercises and how they felt and she likes to keep it interesting by adding variety to her programs. I can honestly say that although my stomach will never be the same after having full-term twins, my core has never been as strong as it is now. I cannot recommend her highly enough.