Fitnotic's Core Strengthening Programs provide you with everything you need to start strengthening your core and preventing or improving diastasis recti from the comfort of your own home. Workouts can be done with absolutely no equipment.  Whether you're pregnant or already a mom, you will learn how to modify your everyday movements and activities so you don't help create a diastasis or make it worse (this, unfortunately, is easier to do than you'd think!). You will receive 5 workouts with easy-to-follow instructions and videos for each exercise, and learn the core strengthening techniques and exercises that must be incorporated into everyday life to get the most out of your program.

In the event that the pre-designed programs don't work for you, Sheryl can also create a customized workout program just for you.  If desired, workouts may incorporate kickboxing, boot camp style exercises, belly dance, hoopdance, and workouts with your child.  One thing is certain – no matter what you choose, you will have fun getting an effective total body workout!

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videos for Fitnotic's online programs

Training via Skype is the perfect option for those moms who want the benefits of personal training, but can’t make it to NYC to train in person with Sheryl.  It is also extremely helpful for those busy moms who can more easily squeeze in a workout at home without having to get a babysitter or step foot outside.

Working around your schedule, and with whatever equipment you have handy, Sheryl will make sure you obtain a fantastic cardio and total body strengthening workout with special emphasis on proper core strengthening techniques. The workouts will include the types of exercises and activities you find most enjoyable, and can even be structured to include your child in your workout, so you’ll find yourself actually looking forward to your next session.  And with Sheryl’s attention to detail and ability to ensure proper form even remotely, you will feel as though she is right there beside you.  Contact Sheryl to get started.      



Sheryl’s experience as a mom who struggled to get her pre-baby body back makes her relatable and fun to work with.  She understands the challenges women face trying to get in shape and stay in shape while pregnant and as a busy mom.  For that reason, she makes sure every workout is effective, but also fun and exciting enough for you to want to make working out a priority in your life.  Depending on your interests, workouts may include boot camp style drills, TRX, kickboxing, boxing, hoopdance, and even belly dancing.  Workouts may be done outdoors, and with your child if desired.

Having suffered from multiple injuries as a result of improper core strengthening in her past, Sheryl knows first-hand the importance of exercises that focus on proper core strengthening and injury prevention, and incorporates this into every single workout.

Sheryl truly cares about each and every one of her clients and enjoys nothing more than watching them progress and seeing their body image and self respect sky rocket.  Contact her today to get started.  



Working out while pregnant and as a new mom can feel impossible at times, but having a group of women sharing similar experiences right there with you can make all the difference.  Over the years Fitnotic has offered many fun group fitness classes, giving moms several options of workouts done with or without their baby.

Hoopdance provides pregnant women and moms an opportunity to get a great cardio workout while strengthening and toning their entire body.  Because the workout is easily modified for each participant, hoopdance is safe and effective for everyone.  Classes will resume in the Spring.  Contact Sheryl to be added to her mailing list and stay up to date regarding class schedules.

At this time, our other group classes, including our prenatal/postpartum boot camps, kickboxing, belly dancing, and body sculpting, are offered by special arrangement only.  Group classes may also take place via Skype.  Contact Sheryl for more information.