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Fitnotic 30-Day Core Challenge

Is your core the strongest it could possibly be? For those of us who feel like there’s room for improvement, I am leading a 30-Day Core Challenge that will help get your core stronger than ever. We are going to increase core strength through safe and effective exercises, and increase core awareness by focusing on…

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Prenatal Fitness for France’s “60 Minutes”

Who wouldn’t love some exciting press, especially from a country near and dear to their heart?!? I spent a month in France while in high school, and my love for the country has stayed with me ever since. When I was contacted by a producer of France’s version of “60 Minutes,” called “66 Minutes,” I…

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Beautiful Belly

We can all agree that pregnant bellies are beautiful, right? They provide a safe and healthy home for the miracles that grow inside of us. Well what if I told you this belly wasn’t actually carrying a child? Be honest – would we still find it beautiful? Some events this week caused me to give…

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Pause For a Moment and Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

As busy moms who struggle to get it all done, it’s far too easy to be self-critical and forgot to appreciate everything we do accomplish in a day. I am the queen of this. It’s so much easier to get down on myself and think about everything that’s not getting done the way I’d like,…

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Fitnotic Selected As A Finalist For Red Tricycle’s 2016 Totally Awesome Awards

There is nothing more rewarding to me than helping women feel good about  themselves as they progress through pregnancy and motherhood. That’s why being a finalist in Red Tricycle’s “Totally Awesome Awards” in the “Invigorating Fitness Programs” category means so much to me. I’d really appreciate it if you would vote for Fitnotic and forward this to…

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Pelvic Floor Strengthening [A Step Beyond Simple Kegels]

When most women think about Kegels, they think about squeezing and releasing their pelvic floor as if stopping the flow of pee, and then releasing. Although doing Kegels this way is important, like with anything else, variation is key. During pregnancy and after, it is imperative to strengthen the pelvic floor by doing ALL of…

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Transformation Tuesday Inspiration

They say everyone enters our life for a reason, and I believe that now more than ever. This past Spring a friend brought me to see Live with Kelly & Michael. As a huge fan of the show, I set my DVR to record it, just in case there was something I wanted to show…

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