Many things go into making a fitness program most effective. Two of the most important are attention to proper form, and variation. Nothing is stressed more in Fitnotic’s workouts than proper technique. Imagine two women, side-by-side, holding plank position. If one woman is effectively engaging her core and the other hasn’t been properly taught how to do this, they will have completely different experiences. One woman will receive an effective core strengthening workout, and the other will actually do more harm than good. Fitnotic prides itself on teaching clients how to SAFELY and most EFFECTIVELY perform every single exercise, in every program it offers.
Another crucial component of a successful fitness program is variation. Doing the same exercises in the same manner over and over again will not challenge the muscles the way they need to be challenged in order to see optimal results. Fitnotic’s programs provide workouts that are constantly changing in a progressive manner. This prevents women from getting bored, keeps the workouts exciting, and leads to the greatest success.
Sheryl Wilson, mom of two and Founder of Fitnotic, specializes in prenatal and postpartum fitness, as well as Hoopnotica Hoopdance instruction.

Her Core Conditioning & Diastasis Recti Program ensures that women strengthen their core from the inside out, helping to keep them healthy, strong, injury-free, and best equipped to handle the physical demands of pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and the aging process.
Sheryl is a NASM-certified personal trainer, NETA-certified group fitness instructor, and Hoopnotica-certified hoopdance instructor. Her expertise in prenatal and postpartum fitness, core conditioning and diastasis recti is based on her own experiences during and following her two pregnancies, and several certifications in the industry, including “Paranatal Fitness: Training for the Sport of Motherhood,” by Lifemoves Health, “Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise Design,” by DSW Fitness, and the Tupler Technique (Qualified Instructor).